Big Size Tiles!
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Big Size Tiles!

Indelval launches its big size tiles of 1x1 m, models Geo Hm 3.5 mm and Viva Hm 3.5 mm.

They are suitable for high traffic areas such as airports, universities or banks. Their format allows fewer joints between tiles, thus giving it a more uniform visual appearance without losing the advantages of the modularity afforded by tiles.

Its hammered-type relief and extremely dense surface make it easy to clean and to move chairs and office furniture.

Indelval rubber floorings are certified as free of PVC and halogens and with very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

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About Indelval

With its main office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Indelval is the main manufacturer and distributor of rubber floorings in Latin America. Indelval offers a wide range of alternatives and solutions for different environments: works of architecture, transport, industries, and special environments such as: Clinics, hospitals, old people's homes, pharmaceutical laboratories, banks, stores, schools, universities, gyms, multi-purpose rooms, offices, buses, trains and ships. Indelval is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.