Indelval: quality, durability and modern designs in rubber floorings

With its main office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Indelval is the main manufacturer and distributor of rubber floorings in Latin America.

Indelval has specific products for each need. The most important characteristics of our floorings are:

  • Free of PVC

  • Sustainable

  • Extreme durability

  • Easy and low cost maintenance

  • Anti slip properties

  • High acoustic absorption

  • Indelval offers floor covering in rolls and tiles. Rolls provide visual continuity, thus achieving a homogeneous and monolithic aesthetic. Tile floorings provide greater modularity, making it easier to fit potential enlargements or replacements during the life of the building.

    Created by Indelval to meet the demand for high-traffic stair coverings, our stair threads offer high wear resistance, warmth, ease of maintenance and extreme fire resistance. The different designs allow harmonic combinations and help maintain their qualities unchanged over time.

    Indelval's special applications take into account alternatives for specific uses with highly demanding technical requirements: Floorings for ESD control, interlocked tile system, specific solutions for multipurpose rooms and special relief tiles for visually impaired people.

    Indelval installation accessories are the required supplement in every project where Indelval rubber floorings are used. Installation auxiliaries for substrate preparation, vulcanized rubber skirtings, S16 profile for coved base skirtings and multiple color heat welding rods are the essential part of the accessories system.

    Visit our gallery of featured projects. There, you will find photos of all Indelval floor coverings, stair solutions, special applications, transport solutions and accessories, installed n countries around the world.