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Learn more about Indelval products.

Indelval has a range of products for every need. Discover the most significant aspects about functionality and safety, as well as our latest news on design and comfort that only a rubber flooring specialist can offer you.

Indelval's sheet system covers all commercial floorings which are available in rolls and tiles. Rolls render visual continuity thus achieving a homogeneous and monolithic aesthetics.

Indelval's tile system covers all commercial floorings which are available exclusively in tiles. Tile floorings provide greater modularity, making it easier to fit potential enlargements or replacements during the life of the building.

Indelval's special applications take into account alternatives for specific uses with highly demanding technical requirements:
  • Floorings for ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) control, necessary in the electronic industry.
  • Interlocked tile system suitable for raised access floors or gyms with free weights.
  • Specific solutions for multipurpose rooms in schools and universities.
  • Special relief tiles for visually impaired people.
  • Products specially designed for the public transport industry.
Indelval's range of rubber flooring products combines with stair solutions and finish accessories, which are necessary to get the best finishing quality in architectural projects.