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Indelval: quality, durability and modern designs in rubber floorings.

With its main office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Indelval is the main manufacturer and distributor of rubber floorings in Latin America.

Indelval has been exclusively dedicated to manufacturing high-quality rubber floorings for more than 40 years now, accompanying and challenging the trends of modern architecture.

The ongoing commitment to developing and improving its products has earned the company a market share in all five continents.

Indelval rubber floorings are manufactured with the highest quality and their extreme wear resistance makes them ideal to fit the toughest and most demanding environments.

Decades of experience and tight cooperation with building professionals and buyers, have made of Indelval one of the most prestigious and innovative rubber flooring manufacturers, worldwide.

The development of a high pressure system for rolls and tiles, with proprietary technology, along with modern facilities, allow Indelval to provide incomparable flexibility and speedy response.

Indelval offers a wide range of alternatives and solutions for different environments: works of architecture, transport, industries, and special environments such as: Clinics, hospitals, old people's homes, pharmaceutical laboratories, banks, stores, schools, universities, gyms, multi-purpose rooms, offices, buses, trains and ships.